【Multistay Osaka Shinsaibashi] Perfect for shopping and sightseeing】🛒

【Multistay Osaka Shinsaibashi] Perfect for shopping and sightseeing】🛒

Hello everybody。
this is A&C STAY staff😊

Its february and still cold days continue. Please stay warm in these cold days 😷

This time we will introduce a property near Dotonbori area, right next to Shinsaibashi shopping street. This is our recommended property, perfect for shopping and sightseeing! ✨

・大阪メトロ堺筋線 「長堀橋」から徒歩5分
・大阪メトロ千日前線 「日本橋」から徒歩6分
・大阪メトロ御堂筋線 「心斎橋」から徒歩8分


The accessibility of the property is as follows:

・5 minutes walk from Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line “Nagahoribashi”
・6 minutes walk from Nihonbashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line
・8 minutes walk from “Shinsaibashi” on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line
With 3 train lines nearby, this property has excellent access!

Free Wi-Fi is also available! ! 🤩🤩
Of course, This property is fully equipped with furniture and appliances!

Please make a reservation from the ink below
Please make sure to enjoy staying in our property when you visit Osaka 😄🎶

Please feel free to contact us If you have any other questions or concerns,